Unified Communications

Organizations across the globe conduct business using infinite combinations of communication method like voice, video & data over wired & wireless network with applications like messaging, mobility and rich-media conferencing.

They work in a variety of locations like from their desks, conferences rooms, airports, warehouses, or vehicles. Often these tools are not used as effectively as they could be. The result is information overload, lack of agility and misdirected communications that delay decisions, slow down business processes, and reduce productivity.

Cisco Unified Communication can help organizations to address these challenges with the solution that can provide structure and intelligence to securely integrate organization’s communication more closely with business process and ensure information reaches the desired recipients quickly, through the most appropriate medium.

Nirmal Datacomm is uniquely qualified to deliver Cisco Unified Communication Solutions that allow organizations to tap the value of a converged IP network infrastructure giving users more effective communication options & productivity- enhancing applications like

  • Unified Communication clients
  • Unified Messaging
  • Presence & Mobility
  • Rich-media Conferencing
  • Unified Video Conferencing


Information security is a business concern for all organizations. With security threats increasing in number and sophistication, organizations want to gain protection, control, and visibility over their security systems, preventing incidents and threats that disrupt productivity, impact customer relationships, and erode profits.

Nirmal Datacomm’s system approach to security enables tighter integration with the network delivering better overall security.

An integrated, collaborative & adaptive approach uses the network to provide consistent and thorough protection to all parts of the organizational infrastructure compared to Point-product strategy which rely on connecting disparate products that address only individual aspect of security.

Nirmal Datacomm’s security solutions include a range of offerings that deliver the strategy, skill and technology necessary to build and maintain your security environment :

  • Web Application Security
  • Risk & Vulnerability Assessment
  • Log Management
  • Perimeter Security
  • Privileged Identity Management(PIM)
  • Intrusion Prevention
  • VPN Solutions
  • Email & Web Protection
  • Identity & Access Management


Today’s work environment is dramatically changing from the way the users conducted business from their office desks to having the freedom & flexibility of getting connected to their business critical information from anywhere and anytime & on the move.

With employees on the move both within and outside the business, maintaining productivity and responsiveness can be challenging. Even on the go, employees require access to their critical data applications, the ability to collaborate with colleagues, partners, and customers, and awareness of the location and status of assets and people that are critical to completing business processes.

Mobility is changing the way organizations do business. Real-time interaction, instant messaging, text paging, voice services, network access while traveling, and real-time network access in the office are transforming the business environment.

The Cisco Unified Wireless Network is the industry's only unified wired and wireless solution to deliver cost-effective, high performance wireless networks for business critical mobility. This innovative solution brings mobility to endpoint devices and users, providing them with anytime, anywhere network access.

It is an integrated end-to-end solution that addresses all layers of the WLAN, from client devices and access points, to the network infrastructure, to network management, to the delivery of advanced wireless services integration.

It is the only solution that supports next-generation wireless solutions like 802.11n and enterprise wireless mesh that offer greater performance and extended reach for pervasive wireless connectivity.

It also delivers the same level of security, scalability, reliability, ease of deployment, and management for wireless LANs that organizations expect from their wired LANs.

Nirmal Datacomm offer’s a broad portfolio of end-to-end services based on proven methodologies for planning, designing, implementing, operating, and optimizing the performance of a variety of secure voice and data wireless network solutions, technologies, and strategies.

Video Conferencing

Enterprise conferencing solutions are going through dramatic changes. There are two major trends occurring. Traditional room based video conferencing is moving to higher and higher video quality with high definition endpoints; new unified collaboration solutions from the major application and telephony vendors promise to bring conferencing to the desktop and mobile users; both driving the need for new levels of scalability and device support. As a result, enterprises are asking for a solution that will support and protect their current investment in standards based conferencing solutions while giving them the flexibility to adopt these emerging conferencing solutions.

Nirmal Datacomm understands these needs and is developing the most comprehensive and powerful platform for unified visual communications in the market today. It is based on years of experience designing IP based conferencing solutions from the ground up and includes the powerful combination of hardware based servers to support media processing for advanced room system devices and software servers to support the need for high scalability and distributed processing for the desktop and mobile markets.

Network Infrastructure

In today’s increasingly complex business environments, the network is facing new challenges & is continually under pressure to be reliable, secure, accessible and must offer more services than ever before.

Applications, and the network infrastructure of switches and routers that transport them, are crucial tools for enhancing user productivity and increasing an organization's ability to grow and remain competitive.

Nirmal Datacomm offers a system approach for designing & building the Network Infrastructure which helps organizations to have integrated, secure, resilient networks that can incorporate intelligence. This approach helps organizations to quickly and easily deploy new applications and communications systems that merge wireless, voice, video, and storage capabilities.

Our industry-certified systems consultants and technical specialists continuously upgrade their knowledge and skills, bringing you the latest advances in network technology. Some of the infrastructure solutions offered by us:

  • Structured Cabling solutions
  • Assess, Design, Implement, and Manage the traditional network infrastructure, including LANs & WANs.
  • Bandwidth Optimization and Quality of Service (QoS) design and implementation.
  • Survey, Assessment & deployment of Unified Wireless Network Solution.
  • Integration for mobility technologies, including unified communication and mobile devices.
  • WAN and Application Acceleration Solutions.
  • Network Load Balancing solutions to optimize utilization and resilience of network resources.
  • Server and Service Load Balancing solutions to provide maximum availability of systems and resources.
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